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What is TryEco with Drought Defender Technology:

TryEco products with Drought Defender Technology are 3rd generation starch-based superabsorbent polymers. TryEco’s patented technology offers the agriculture industry an innovative combination of absorbency and biodegradability. TryEco’s granular and seed coating products allow for a variety of applications, including agricultural crops, horticulture, turf, trees and nurseries.

Reduce Watering

TryEco products act like a sponge absorbing water on contact, creating “miniature water reservoirs” in the soil. Because water is being held in a localized zone, the plant can take advantage of an “on demand” water supply. Irrigation efficiency is increased, creating longer intervals between irrigation cycles.

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Increase Yield

Roots will be exposed to far less stress due to the proximity of the “on demand” water supply held in a localized zone. This will allow the plant to lessen stress and conserve energy for the production of “fruit” by reducing their need to search for water. This allows you to grow more food, more efficiently on the same amount of land.

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Improve Survival Rate

More consistent access to water during seeding and initial growth, plant survival rates and stand establishment are increased. When transplanting, Super Absorbent Polymers can also help to reduce plant mortality.

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Reduce Fertilizer Usage

Water and fertilizer are held in a localized zone, next to the route system instead of leaching through the soil. TryEco has increased biodegradable composition provides food for the plant and soil microorganisms as it degrades, which in turn grows healthier plants.

Versatile Usage

SAPs in the form of seed coating, root dip and granular products offer water management solutions for applications with agricultural crops, horticulture, turf, trees and nurseries.

Promotes Faster Growth

SAPs promote faster seedling emergence, which gives the farmer a competitive advantage. Increased moisture to the seedlings promotes more rapid germination and accelerated sprouting occurs.

Reduces Erosion

SAPs help seedlings to grow where soil crusting and other compaction tendencies have occurred by expanding in real time when they come into contact with moisture. This helps to stop water run off, which reduces erosion while also aiding in soil aeration.


The natural cornstarch base allows SAPs to decompose over time without leaving adverse residue in the soil. Increased biodegradable composition provides food for the plant and soil microorganisms as it degrades, which in turn grows healthier plants.

Reduces Leaching

The moisture holding capacity of SAPs helps to reduce leaching of fertilizers and other soil additives into ground water.