TryEco Agrisorb

With Drought Defender Technology.
TryEco’s Agrisorb comes in granule form. Super Absorbent Polymers are applied via Gandy applicator, Gandy box or with a micro-band granular applicator for use as a side dressing. Super Absorbent Polymers can reduce watering and increase your yield and help grow fuller, healthier plants. Fight drought and help prevent lost crops with Agrisorb’s Drought Defender Technology.

  • Horticulture
  • Row crops
  • Nurseries and Trees 
  • Home and Garden

40lb bag1,000 lb super sack2,000 lb super sack

TryEco Turf Defender

TryEco’s Turf Defender comes in a finer granule form. Super Absorbent Polymers in turf applications are applied under the sod improving turf density, color intensity and increasing turf coverage percentage. Super Absorbent Polymers can also increase survival during intense heat and dry periods. Turf Defender can significantly cut your water usage and improve your lawn or field. Don’t let hot, dry summers get the best of you and your lawn! Try Turf Defender today!

  • Golf Courses
  • Recreational Parks
  • Athletic Parks
  • All Lawn

5 gallon bucket1,000 lb super sack2,000 lb super sack

TryEco Seed Support

TryEco’s Seed Support comes in an ultra fine powder. Super Absorbent Polymers are attached to the seed with a tackifier creating a blanket of moisture around the seed during its most critical times. Super Absorbent Polymers can improve germination of seeds and increase survival of plants, reduce transplant shock, increase yield, promote faster growth and permit more efficient use of water resources. Seed Support is your lifeline to a healthy start!

  • Seed Coating
  • Transplanting

5 gallon bucket1,000 lb super sack2,000 lb super sack