William Chambers

Inventor & Chief Product Officer

William Chambers holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Tech University. William started his career in 1962 engineering the early warning system for General Electric Corp (GE), Radio Corporation of America (RCA) and Morrison-Knudsen for the US Department of Defense. After successful completion of the early warning system, William founded and funded several of his own companies including; A and B Installations and Columbia Stainless, Inc. in 1969, which manufactured equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Restaurant industry. Both companies averaged $2-3 million dollars in revenue.

William then started PVW Mechanical Consulting in 2000. PVW was the pioneering consultant that took the industry leader Absorbent Technologies, Inc. from bucket chemistry to final production. William was responsible for refining the chemistry, all equipment specifications, commercialization of the product and designed and prototyped the excursion process.

Nick Fowler 

Founder & Chairman

Mr. Fowler holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management from Stanford University. Mr. Fowler is a high technology industry veteran, serial entrepreneur, and active angel investor. Spanning 25 years with the Hewlett-Packard Company, Mr. Fowler led the creation of several major new businesses including notebook computers, personal digital assistants, printing services, and internet sales and support. Mr. Fowler developed company strategies, created new business models, and managed large and complex global businesses. Following his HP career, Mr. Fowler established Orion Ventures, LLC, an angel investment fund providing seed stage investments that continues to make two to four investments per year. The diverse Orion Ventures portfolio spans Nano and Microtechnologies, power harvesting, optics, cyber security, precision timing, radio-chemistry, and membranes.

Mr. Fowler is Chairman of Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc., a startup commercializing thermoelectric power harvesting technology; Founder and CEO of Northwest Medical Isotopes, LLC, a startup researching medical isotopes; and Chairman of ZAPS Technologies, a startup developing spectrophotometric detection instruments;

Mr. Fowler’s public service commitments include Economic Development Commissioner for the City of Corvallis, Oregon; Public Safety Commissioner for the City of Albany, Oregon; and Special Advisor to Oregon Governor Brown’s Regional Solutions Centers. Mr. Fowler also serves on the boards of several charitable and non-profit organizations.

Rodney Forni

Founder, Operations Advisor

Since 1975, Mr. Forni has managed over 60 hotels and motels in the US. His responsibilities included oversight of construction, renovation and maintenance operations, developing and supervising employees and contractors, planning and scheduling projects, evaluation of goals and objectives of renovation projects and enforcing policies regarding facility operations. Mr. Forni also purchased equipment and inspected all facilities to ensure company standards and safety procedures. Mr. Forni founded Pacific Inns Hotel Management Company as their primary operating company. Since 1999, Mr. Forni has funded and built three of his own hotels including Holiday Inn Express, Candlewood Inn and Suites and La Quinta Inn and Suites.

In 2002, Mr. Forni was brought on as a co-founder and one of the first employees of the leading starch-based superabsorbent polymer companies in the industry. Mr. Forni was appointed to Vice President of Manufacturing due to Mr. Forni’s extensive background in large building construction and superior management skills. Mr. Forni was contracted to build and commission a $5MM R & D facility as well as a $10MM production facility capable of producing up to 30 million lbs annually. Mr. Forni was instrumental in the equipment purchasing, process and flow design, research and development of the starch-based polymer.

In 2009, Mr. Forni was awarded a patent for a revolutionary excursion de-watering process. U.S. Patent Number: 7,591,974 “Methods for producing superabsorbent polymers for use in agricultural applications.”

Ravi Prasad, PhD

Science Advisor

Dr. Prasad received his Ph. D. from Stevens Institute of Technology, NJ, where he worked with Prof. Sirkar on development of membrane based separation processes including reverse osmosis and micro porous membranes for separation. He moved to Hoechst-Celanese Separation products group where he developed and commercialized, flat membrane and hollow fiber modules for Lithium ion battery separators, reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, gas separation/purification and degassing. He was recognized in Hoechst-Celanese, for his contribution to membrane process development, by being the runner up for the prestigious global Starr award for fundamental development leading to commercial success. He was also the honors winner of the Kirkpatrick award, from Chemical Engineering magazine, for commercialization of novel liquid-liquid extraction technology using hollow fiber systems.

Dr. Prasad moved to HP’s inkjet Research and Development group in Corvallis, OR to continue the work on development of novel liquid barrier materials for packaging of inkjet inks and cartridges. He consulted with HP’s integrated circuit development and manufacturing group on water treatment technologies for semiconductor manufacturing. He was the chief technologist for HP’s New Business Group and established Advanced Materials Recovery, LLC. In cllaboration with Mr. Fowler and Mr. McClelland McClelland. The mission for Advanced Materials Recovery, LLC. is to develop novel membranes and membrane-based processes.

Dr. Prasad brings over 25+ years of membrane development, module fabrication and new business development background to this effort. Dr. Prasad has published over 20 referenced publications in the area of membranes. He has also co-authored chapters in Membrane Handbook in Membranes in Biotechnology. He holds over 20 patents in areas as diverse as membrane modules, fuel cell systems, printed electronics and advanced displays.

Paul McClelland

Technology Advisor

Mr. McClelland received his B.S. in chemistry from Portland State University and M.S. in chemistry from the University of Arizona With over 40 years of industry experience; Mr. McClelland brings world-class materials, processing, and product development expertise. Mr. McClelland was with Hewlett Packard (HP) in Corvallis from 1977 to 2002, working on the original development of the first HP thermal ink jet pen and served for 5 years as Section Manager and Senior Scientist of the Advanced Materials and Process Laboratory in HP’s Imaging and Printing Group.

Mr. McClelland started his career in HP’s semiconductor manufacturing group as a key contributor and later on, as manager of the UltraPure water generation group. Mr. McClelland is a prolific inventor, with more than 75 issued US patents. To date, HP has never sold an inkjet printing cartridge that does not use at least one of the patents and processes that Mr. McClelland developed. Prior to joining HP, Mr. McClelland was a CRT process development engineer and Industrial Engineering Group Leader at Tektronix from 1966 to 1977.

Jeff Martin


Mr. Martin received his B.S. in Business Administration from Oregon State University with a concentration in accounting.  He began his career in public accounting and then worked for 5 years at Hewlett Packard. He has over 35 years of industry experience in public & management accounting/finance, operations management, information systems, total quality management, human resources management, and management consulting. Mr Martin’s qualifications include his CPA and CMA certifications.

Mr. Martin’s industry experience includes public and private companies, public accounting, technology automation systems, various manufacturing ventures (calculators, personal computers, robots, machine vision, dental instruments, and water purification systems), service industries, health food, mobile health, internet medical software, an internet service provider, software, media, and telecommunications. 

Mr. Martin managed major programs and operations at primarily start-up and high growth high tech companies, most prominently with Hewlett Packard.  He held executive management posts including VP Finance, CFO, COO, President and CEO.   Mr. Martin also has served on a variety of non-profit boards. 

Stefan Seiter

Horticulture Advisor

Dr. Seiter holds a Ph.D and M.S. in Horticulture from Oregon State University. He is currently Chair of the Horticulture and the Crop Production programs at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. In addition he is Courtesy Professor at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. Previously he served as Agroecology Specialist at the University of New Hampshire and Assistant Professor at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Seiter also held a Research Associate position with the USDA-NRCS Soil Quality Institute where he coordinated a nationwide program among interdisciplinary researchers and extensionists to develop locally adapted soil quality assessment tools. Dr. Seiter is a member of the American Society of Agronomy and has been an active contributor to the Committee of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture and the Soil Quality Working Group. He also served as a reviewer for Agronomy Journal and the Journal of Crop Production as well as various USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service documents.

Dr. Seiter’s focus in research, teaching and extension is the sustainable use of natural resources in agricultural production systems. He has presented at numerous national and international conferences and published book chapters, academic journals, trade and extension publications on topics such as soil organic matter decomposition, soil nutrient cycling, soil microbial interactions, forage crop production and agroforestry. In addition, Dr. Seiter has received many federal and state grants to support his research aimed at the ecological crop and soil management in agronomic and horticultural crops.


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